Deborah Norville

‘Tough’… ‘savvy’... ‘survivor’

About Deborah Norville 
‘Tough’… ‘savvy’... ‘survivor’… These are among the words used to describe veteran journalist Deborah Norville, anchor of Inside Edition, America’s top-rated syndicated news magazine. An Emmy Award-winner, Norville came to Inside Edition from CBS News and offers the inspirational stories of women like her who have overcome crushing defeats and regained control of their lives.

The mother of three, Norville took the old adage, ‘the show must go on’ to a new level, anchoring INSIDE EDITION from her hospital room nine hours after the birth of her daughter, Mikaela. Producers had requested the extraordinary assignment when it proved no other staffers were available to anchor the broadcast!  

Deborah Norville came to INSIDE EDITION from CBS News where she was a correspondent for STREET STORIES, 48 HOURS, and correspondent and co-anchor for AMERICA TONIGHT, a CBS News summer magazine show. While at CBS News, Deborah was awarded an EMMY for her work on 48 HOURS “Flood, Sweat and Tears,” a look at the devastating Mississippi floods. 

Previously, Norville hosted her own national radio show from her home -THE DEBORAH NORVILLE show, heard on over 200 stations around the country. Earlier she was co-host of NBC’s TODAY program and anchor of NBC NEWS AT SUNRISE. While at NBC, Norville won her first national EMMY for her role in covering the Democratic uprising in Rumania. 

Deborah began her reporting career while still in college. While a student at the University of Georgia, she was a regular reporter for WAGA-TV (CBS Atlanta). She has also been a reporter and anchor for WMAQ-TV (NBC Chicago) and Contributing Editor for McCall’s and Inside Sports magazines.  

She is also the author of Back on Track: How to Straighten Out Your Life When It Throws You A Curve (Simon & Schuster 1997). The book is the first time Deborah speaks in detail about her troubles at TODAY and offers the inspirational stories of women who’ve gotten back on top after crushing defeats.  

She has also written two children’s books: I Don’t Want To Sleep Tonight and her latest, I Can Fly.

Deborah Norville's Books

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Emmy Award-winning journalist and anchor of the television newsmagazine Inside Edition, Norville writes a self-help book directed at women who have experienced a crisis and are suffering from depression as a result. The author's own crisis (being pilloried in the press and publicly humiliated during her tenure as Today show host and eventually forced to leave television with her career in shambles) is the basis for this book. She recounts how she was paralyzed by her depression and haunted by feelings of self-criticism and inadequacy. Her struggle to recover is also detailed, and she provides a 10-point recovery plan for others to follow. Her book also describes the personal experiences of several other women who have had to overcome disasters and get on with their lives.  And while Norville's crisis pales in comparison to what some of the other women go through (such as rape and suicide), and in spite of the fact that she slips some Christian dogma in here and there, her book will be of interest to self-help readers turning to her because of her celebrity.

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Editorial Review -The author, Deborah Norville , January 11, 2000

I wrote this book to help my 7 year old sleep peacefully! There comes a period in every parent's life when bedtime is torture. Either your precious little one simply refuses to go to bed, he goes to bed but doesn't stay there ... or he goes to sleep and then spends much of the night waking YOU up with his nightmares. That was the situation at my home ... and while my son would drift back to sleep after I comforted him, I was wide awake. It was killing me! I realized the nighttime "scaries"; were only happening on those weekend evenings when my child was allowed to watch TV (we have a no TV rule on school days). I also knew from experience that anything I might tell my 7 year old would go right past him -- for the message to stick, HE would have to make the discovery.

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After the popularity of her first children book, "I Don't Want To Sleep Tonight", what can Inside Edition host Deborah Norville do for a encore? Bring out this one, and WHAT A ENCORE SHE HAVE GOT FOR US!!! Everybody's good at something. But finding your special talent isn't always easy. Still, looking for it is an exciting adventure -- and you may be surprised at what you find! I CAN FLY is a warm, inspiring story of self-discovery. Through vibrant illustrations by Bob Beeson and clever lift-the-flaps and pop-ups, children will find adventure with the turn of every page. The book is written in gentle rhyme -- a perfect fit for bedtime, naptime, or quiet time.

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