Buck Brannaman 

The Horse Whisperer

"Others have falsely claimed to be the inspiration for Tom Booker in 'The Horse Whisperer.' The one who truly inspired me was Buck Brannaman. His skill, understanding and his gentle, loving heart have parted the clouds for countless troubled creatures. Buck is the Zen master of the horse world."

 Nicholas Evans

Author of The Horse Whisperer

About Buck Brannaman
Buck Brannaman eats double whoppers with cheese. He likes his coffee black. He says he like two kinds of music - that'd be country and western - and he likes to joke around. On the surface that places him squarely in the category of being a "regular guy." But he isn't.

Brannaman, the lanky cowboy from Sheridan, Wyoming, is widely recognized as a top horseman by the best in the business. No ordinary horseman, Brannamanís work departs radically from traditional methods for "breaking" a horse - relying instead on techniques that turn frightened horses into friends.

Brannaman was the basis for the character Tom Booker, the central figure in Nicholas Evans' best-selling novel The Horse Whisperer and the film version, directed by Robert Redford. In the motion picture, Redford stars as Booker, the cowboy who heals a fear-crazed horse along with the mother and daughter who bring the animal to him.


Buckís work with horses, as it turns out, also served to rescue him from a troubled past. Brannaman himself was an abused child: the compassion and empathy he has brought to training horses has helped him deal with a history of conflict and violence. In the end, says Buck Brannaman, listening to the horse is everything. "I've run across some people I don't like," he says, "but not a horse. I'm the horse's friend."


It isnít necessary to own a horse or go to a three-day clinic to get the drift of Brannamanís message. His presentations and one-night demonstrations are exciting, information-packed for people who arenít used to seeing a troubled horse work through its problems and resolve its distress in an hour or two. 

Buck is also a husband and a father, a trick roper (he holds two titles in the Guinness Book of World's Records) and since the mid-80's, he's crisscrossed the country dozens of times to address the plight of horse owners and their misunderstood mounts. To many people, Brannaman is a mix of mentor, living legend and folk hero.

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